Punchdrunk theatre and Finn Dean collaboration

Created in collaboration with Punchdrunk theatre, Finn Dean releases new print ' you can never go home anymore'. The work was created in response to Punchdrunk's The Drowned Man: A Hollywood Fable, 2014. MORE +

You can never go home

Ben Risk - Feast Bowl

New paintings by Ben Risk will be released in the Autumn at the gallery. This will be a rare chance for buyers to view new works in London by this popular Scottish born artist. MORE +

Feast Bowl by Ben Risk


Autumn Collection: New Releases

The first exhibition of the Autumn starts with a showing of new works from Lance Hewison, Ben Risk, and David Storey. It will also feature a special series of works by US artist Tom Hooper together with other artists including Gina Parr.


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An Abstract View

An Abstract View | Richard Unwin

£10 | 46 pages full colour

This publication sets out the history of Abstract Art as well as it's current role in the art market today. MORE +

The Art Collective

Art Collective.

Founders Pauline Richards and Lyn Thomas originally set up an initiative over 4 years ago with the specific aim of supporting and providing exhibition opportunities for new and emerging artists. MORE +